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Roy Fishers Cheburashka Finesse Jig Jighead 2,0g - plain

SPRO Cheburashka Bottom Jig

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Thetime Tungsten Cheburashka Sinker 1g2g3g5g7g10g14g20g 97% Wolfram Fishing Weights Tackle For Soft Worm Bait Accessories

Berkley® Walleye Fishing Gift Pack, Multi Lures, Ultra 8 Carrier Line

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Tsurinoya Cheburashka Rig Tungsten Weights - Bait Finesse Empire

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, this easy to use top water lure is designed to deliver explosive top water action. Chunk and wind the Berkley Choppo around cover and in open water for a serious waking action. The Choppo's durable tail propeller won't melt in your tackle box, and the enhanced surface area provides more sound and spray. The precision balance of the bait ensures that its action begins immediately and it swims straight at a variety of speeds.

Berkley Choppo 3 Pack Kit

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