Bull Shad Swimbait Generation 2

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Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait

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Bull Rat Bull Shad Swimbaits

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Bull Rat Bull Shad Swimbaits

Products – Page 2 – Bull Shad Swimbaits

Bull Shad Swimbait Generation 2

The Mike Bucca Bull Shad Wake features the same double-jointed construction as the Bull Shad Gen 2 for smooth gliding action but is also built with an

Bull Shad Wake

The Baby Bullshad is a collaboration with the legendary Mike Bucca, creator of the original Bullshad Swimbaits. The Bullshad is a heavy duty, trophy hunting swimbait responsible for catches on some of the biggest bass in the world. It is also, however, a specialty bait requiring certain gear and performing best specifically in certain regions. Mike Bucca and Catch Co teamed up to bring a version of this amazing bait to the masses.

Catch Co Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Shad Swimbait Threadfin Shad

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Catch Mike Bucca's Baby Bull Shad Pearl Bone Swimbait 1/2 Oz #6 1pack

New Bull Shad Gen 2 Sticker

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